WizMouse 1.0

WizMouse converts your mouse pointer's movement to mouse scrolling
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This is a wonderful utility for your computer mouse. If you find it too tedious to click on an application to highlight it, install Wizmouse and switch focus between windows just by placing the mouse cursor over the desired application.

This program also enables mouse events for those applications that, for example, do not support the mouse scrolling. What it does in this case is convert the mouse pointer movement into scrolling. The program's icon in the system tray stores various settings of this application, allowing you to change them. You can easily define the number of lines to scroll, or opt to start the program along with Windows startup. In some cases, WizMouse does not convert mouse moments correctly, but it is still a good tool all in all.

This program is only compatible with Windows operating systems for now and does not work under Linux or Mac OS. The new version now supports titling mouse wheels, expanding its compatibility with the majority of the available computer mice.

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  • Free.
  • Easy to use


  • Only for Windows.
  • Bugs in certain applications
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